Criminal Minds: Season 9

criminal minds season 9Like what Law & Order and CSI have meant to television Criminal Minds has joined the club. The club in which you can turn on the television at any hour of the day and find it on some station.  Though there are some stories that run throughout each episode of the show is a stand alone that you can just jump in, watch and enjoy. Even after nine seasons they keep coming up with new stories that keep you entertained. Criminal Minds follows the many cases of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as they track down dangerous serial killers all over the United States. This elite group of FBI profilers all bring something to the table, like a linguist, a genius, the muscles, and a computer expert, making them hard to beat.


Episode 1: The Inspiration: The BAU works on a case in Glendale, Arizona involving a killer who murders women and leaves them in praying positions after death. Aaron (played by Thomas Gibson) has been offered the chief position at the BAU.


Episode 2: The Inspired: The BAU realizes that they have arrested the wrong man in their last case so it is back to Glendale. There they discover a whole family that is involved in the murders of women.


Episode 3: Final Shot: In Dallas a sniper starts picking off targets in a crowded plaza. The BAU has to figure out if it was random or may be connected to the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Episode 4: To Bear Witness: Their new head chief (played by Esai Morales) is revealed and he joins them on their latest case. In Baltimore a John Doe is found who has recently undergone a lobotomy.


Episode 5: Route 66: Aaron has to undergo surgery after complications arise from the injuries he suffered at the hands of The Reaper. The rest of the team hunts down an ex-con and his teenage daughter who he has kidnapped.


Episode 6: In the Blood: The BAU flies to Utah to work on a case in which a woman was killed by being buried alive under a pile of rocks. Penelope (played by Kirsten Vangsness) plans a Day of the Dead party.


Episode 7: Gatekeeper: Traveling to Boston the BAU searches for a killer who strangles his victims. He also keeps a photographic scrapbook of his victims.


Episode 8: The Return: Chicago is the location of murders being committed by a group of teenagers. The BAU uncovers that each of the teen murderers was once a missing child.


Episode 9: Strange Fruit: A mass grave is uncovered in the backyard of a family home in Virginia. Each of the three members of the family is brought in by the BAU for questioning.


Episode 10: The Caller: In St. Louis the BAU to profile a young boy’s abductor. They soon find some similarities between this case and a cold case from years ago.


Episode 11: Bully: A series of murders in Kansas City brings the BAU in to investigate. Agent Blake (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn) has to work with her brother and retired cop father.


Episode 12: The Black Queen: On their latest case Penelope becomes a key player because of her former association with a group of vigilante hackers. In order to prove the innocence of a man on death row the hackers have stolen the case files.


Episode 13: The Road Home: The BAU travels to Cleveland to locate a killer. Agent Rossi (played by Joe Mantegna) goes to Los Angeles to stop his former Marine sergeant from committing suicide.


Episode 14: 200: JJ (played by A.J. Cook) is kidnapped. Section Chief Mateo Cruz admits to the team what he and Jarreau have been working on.


Episode 15: Mr. + Mrs. Anderson: In Pittsburgh two women’s bodies are found murdered by being strangled by motel shower curtains. The BAU develops the profile that the murders are being committed by a couple.


Episode 16: Gabby: A four-year-old girl named Gabby is abducted in Mississippi. While investigating the BAU uncovers some family secrets.


Episode 17: Persuasion: The sewers beneath the streets of Las Vegas become the latest locale in which the BAU hunts down a killer. Their number one suspect is a cult leader who lives in the tunnels.


Episode 18: Rabid: A shallow grave in Milwaukee is the final resting place for three bodies. The BAU is stumped when the bodies all have human and animal bite marks on them.


Episode 19: The Edge of Winter: The BAU is in the process of wrapping up a case in upstate New York involving unusual stabbings. Agent Morgan (played by Shemar Moore) uncovers new evidence when interviewing one of the victims.


Episode 20: Blood Relations: In a backwoods community in West Virginia a couple of bodies are found. The BAU discovers that the problem might have originated due to a long standing feud between two families.


Episode 21: What Happened to Mecklingburg…: In order to figure out the killer’s motive and stop before they kill again the BAU has to come up with the connection between a series of kidnappings. Morgan and Savannah (played by Rochelle Aytes) argue over his job and having to leave all the time.


Episode 22: Fatal: A killer in Long Beach seems to be inspired by Greek mythology. Aaron is thinking about doing Career Day at his son’s school.


Episode 23: Angels: In Texas a series of prostitutes are killed in a manner that points to religious motivation. The deeper they get into the case the more they seem to be in danger.


Episode 24: Demons: Following a shootout with the town preacher (played by Brett Cullen) in which Spencer (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) and Morgan were shot, the BAU continues on a case that seems to have a never-ending series of layers. Blake blames herself for Spencer being shot.


Special Features: Eyes Only: The Inspiration, The Inspired, Final Shot, To Bear Witness, Route 66, In the Blood, Gatekeeper, The Return, Strange Fruit, The Caller, Bully, The Black Queen, The Road Home, 200, Mr + Mrs Anderson, Gabby, What Happened in Mecklingburg…, Fatal, Agnels, Demons, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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