the millers the first seasonThe Millers not only was another addition to the half hour family comedy genre it went on to become the number one new comedy of the season. Nathan Miller (played by Will Arnett) is a fortysomething new reporter who is also recently divorced. His living the single life is shortlived after finally admitting to his parents about his divorce.  After their initial shock wears off this inspires his own parents to call it quits on their forty-three year marriage and his mother Carol (played by Margo Martindale) moves in with him. Nathan is not the only one having to adjust to a change because his father Tom (played by Beau Bridges) has moved in with his sister Debbie (played by Jayma Mays), her husband Adam (played by Nelson Franklin) and their daughter Makayla (played by Eve Moon and then Lulu Wilson). All this puts a crimp in the plan of his cameraman Ray (played by J.B. Smoove) who has plans to use Nathan as his wingman in his cruising of women. Both Debbie and Nathan find out in short order that living with your parents as an adult is enough to drive anyone crazy.


Episode 1: Pilot: Recently divorced Nathan and his sister Debbie are thrown for a loop when they find out that their parents Tom and Carol are getting a divorce. Tom moves in with Debbie and Carol with Nathan.


Episode 2: Plot Twists: Due to the recent divorces Carol decides it is time to discuss the rearranging of the family burial plot. This means that Nathan will have to get his ex-wife Janice (played by Eliza Coupe) to agree to sign over her spot.


Episode 3: The Phone Upgrade: Debbie believes that Nathan got the better of the deal having Carol live with him rather than Tom. To test out her theory the siblings swap parents.


Episode 4: The Mother is In: Carol is suspicious of Nathan when he begins being really nice to her. Appealing to fellow mothers Carol is able to hack into Nathan’s GPS and credit card in order to figure out what he is up to.


Episode 5: Giving the Bird: The entire family is determined to prove that Carol has been wrong about at least one thing over the years. Nathan comes up with the idea of having Debbie bring Mikayla trick-or-treating to a house that Carol claims is inhabited by a witch.


Episode 6: Stuff: Nathan comes up with a plan to get his parents back together. Using family possessions he hopes to remind them of the good times together.


Episode 7: The Talk: Carol finds out that Tom never had the birds and bees talk with Nathan. She decides to sit him down and have the talk.


Episode 8: Internet Dating: Nathan helps Carol set up an online dating profile. While Carol is out of the room he and Ray find the perfect guy for her and so pretend to be Carol.


Episode 9: You’re In Trouble: Nathan and Debbie find out that their parents each have a favourite. Each tries to bring the other down in that parent’s eyes by telling embarrassing stories about them.


Episode 10: Carol’s Parents Are Coming to Town: Carol is not happy when she finds out her parents are coming for a visit for Christmas. She has to pretend to still be married to Tom and the same for Nathan and Janice.


Episode 11: Dear Diary: Debbie believes that Nathan and Carol have been reading her diary. To find out for sure she plants a false story about Tom being gay.


Episode 12: Miller’s Mind: After Nathan retells one of Carol’s rants to his co-workers and they love it. Taking that ball and running with it he turns her rants into a segment on the news.


Episode 13: Driving Miss Crazy: Nathan has had enough of being Carol’s chauffer. Debbie volunteers Adam to take over driving Carol and neither of them are happy with that.


Episode 14: Carol’s Surprise: Nathan is determined to finally be successful in an attempt to throw a surprise birthday party for Carol. It doesn’t seem like he is going to be able to pull it off as Carol seems to be always one step ahead of everyone.


Episode 15: You Betcha: Debbie and Adam go out of town to attend a vegetarian convention so Carol offers to watch Mikayla. Nathan uses the opportunity to attempt a father-son weekend with Tom.


Episode 16: Bahama Mama: Nathan plans a vacation to the Bahamas in order to get some down time. His relaxation time does not last long when Carol shows up.


Episode 17: Plus One: Nathan gets two tickets to a dinner with President Obama but is stressed about who to take. He relieves himself of the pressure by telling his family they have to work it out themselves.


Episode 18: Walk-N-Wave: Nathan uses his father’s comic book idea and pitches it as a kids’ show to his boss. Tom is very upset when Nathan makes some big changes.


Episode 19: 0072: The family finds out that Tom is dating a younger woman. Nathan goes undercover to find out more.


Episode 20: Sex Ed Dolan: One of Nathan’s bosses Ed Dolan (played by Jeffrey Tambor) wants Nathan to be his new wingman. Nathan tries to wiggle out of it by putting Tom up as an alternative.


Episode 21: Mother’s Day: Nathan is in deep when he forgets Mother’s Day due to working. This causes Carol to go to a restaurant alone, get drunk and basically have a terrible Mother’s Day.


Special Features:

-Launch Promos

-Season in Review: Year One

-J.B. Smoove Walks the Streets

-The Actor’s Actor: William Arnett

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