Blake Shelton – Bringing Back the Sunshine

blake shelton bringing back the sunshineIf he isn’t the biggest country star recording today he is right up there. With his killer combo of tens of millions of viewers seeing him each week on the television show The Voice along with his hit albums, Blake Shelton is the bomb when it comes to country music. A native  of Oklahoma he has managed to successfully straddle the line between being a good ole boy while singing songs containing the word “twerking”. His sense of humour comes through as well as his sentimental side. He is not your typical unapproachable superstar rather he remains down to earth and human. Musically this is like he has just continued on from his last album Based on a True Story as the sound and style is very similar. He is not pushing musical boundaries rather he has found what he likes and is comfortable doing. If it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it. While definitely a modern country artist he has no problem fitting in an old school sounding country tune every so often. Whatever he is singing about Blake Shelton manages to make everything seem genuine and a whole lotta fun.