miss marple volume 1Miss Jane Marple is the creation of author Agatha Christie and is an older lady who is adept at solving crimes. In a case of perfect casting the actress Joan Hickson plays the title role and she embodies what anyone who has read a Miss Marple mystery pictures the beloved character as looking and speaking like. The mysteries in these four episodes are as tricky as those in the novels meaning you will not be able to figure it out until way after Miss Marple has.


Episode 1: The Murder at the Vicarage: St. Mary Mead is your typical sleepy small village in which rarely anything happens. That remains true until the body of the less than popular Colonel Protheroe is discovered. As is typically the case amateur sleuth Miss Marple becomes involved and is rather taken aback when several people seem to want to confess to the murder.


Episode 2: The Body in the Library: The body of an obviously strangled young blonde woman is discovered in the library at Gossington Hall, the home of Colonel and Dolly Bantry.  To make things even more mysterious the young woman seems to be unknown by anyone. Luckily for the Bantrys their next door neighbour is Miss Marple, an older woman who can solve mysteries like no one’s business.


Episode 3: The Moving Finger: A series of poison-pen letters have been circulating around East Anglia. The hub bub created by the letters brings Miss Marple in for a sleuth.


Episode 4: A Murder is Announced: In the newspaper in Chipping Cleghorn there is a very strange ad which announces that there will be a murder that will happen at Little Paddocks. At the very date, time and location the murder was advertised to happen the lights go out. Now no one thinks it is funny.


Special Features: A Very British Murder, Part 1