new found gloryAs this is their first album without guitarist Steve Klein the title of album is rather fitting. They are back and louder than ever. Before the pop punk outfit was known best for their someone broke my heart ballads and now they are full of piss and vinegar. Managing to do this while keeping most of the tracks chock full of catchy melodies is quite an accomplishment. The guys from Miami have matured much since the beginning of their career in 1997. Maturing without losing their edge is a particular skill that not many others have accomplished. Over their journey they have proven that they are one of the most reliable pop punk outfits operating today. Every album they put out is worth the price of purchase. Very little filler and fun songs filled with great lyrics. They know what they do well and despite the fact that they have tinkered with their sound over the years they always select something that fits them to a T. Most of the songs on Resurrection will burrow their way into your heart and brain from the first listen and while some will take a couple of listens you will end up agreeing that they are all good. “Selfless”, “Stories of a Different Kind” and “Stubborn” are at the top of this well constructed heap.