Billy Idol – Kings & Queens of the Underground

billy idol kings and queens of the undergroundKnown as the king of sneer, Billy Idol is back with new material after a ten year absence. Maybe due to the fact that no young whippersnapper has taken up the rebel rock mantle. Whatever the reason that does not detract from the fact that he is still as in your face and growly as ever. It is an interesting mix when he mashes up that voice with some rather surprisingly introspective and nostalgic lyrics. He is definitely a man looking back over his life at what has been accomplished. There are several slower songs on the album including the title track “Kings and Queens of the Underground” and “Ghosts in My Guitar”.  Also a couple like “Can’t Break Me Down” are more catchy and pop than punk yet still very Billy Idol, if you catch my drift. For long time Billy Idol fans a thrill will be that fantastic guitarist Steve Stevens is back. You’ll recognize his signature sound right away with his ability to layer sounds and he adds plenty via his co-writing several songs as well. These two guys work well together and bring out the best in one another.

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