Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Beginning – The Complete 1st Season

teenage mutant ninja turtles the beginning the complete 1st seasonDonatello (voiced by Rob Paulson), Raphael (voiced by Sean Astin), Leonardo (voiced by Jason Biggs) and Michelangelo (voiced by Greg Cipes) are all well-known painters from the Renaissance period but for film and cartoon buffs they are the names of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you have been living under a rock for almost thirty years and don’t know what I am talking about then you have to get out more. Even the sewer dwelling Turtles come above ground occasionally. For those of you out of the loop the title says everything in that this is an animated series about four turtles that are teenagers and do battle with villains using their ninja skills taught to them by a giant rat named Splinter (voiced by Hoon Lee). Their main foes are Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), a baddie who has it out for Splinter, and an alien race looking to take over the world called the Kraang (voiced Nolan North). This series originated in 2012.


Episode 1: Rise of the Turtles (Double-Length Episode): It is fifteen years since the Turtles were mutated and Mikey begs Master Splinter to tell them once again about their beginnings. Splinter finally relinquishes and allows the Turtles to go up to the surface. On that night they discover pizza and come up against The Kraang droids for the first time while trying to rescue April O’Neil (voiced by Mae Whitman) and her father.


Episode 2: Turtle Temper: Raphael’s temper gets the Turtles in danger and also captured on video on a man’s phone. Catching up with The Kraang and getting the video back is going to be difficult.


Episode 3: New Friends, Old Enemy: Master Shredder sends two of his best fighters to New York to kill Splinter and the Turtles. Chris Bradford (voiced by Clancy Brown) is in town and Mikey wants to become his friend.


Episode 4: I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman: Due to Mikey skateboarding in the lair, Splinter grounds the Turtles for a week. One night they sneak out to go skateboarding and run into a sleazeball in battle armour. As they are running from the police Mikey drops a music device designed by Donatello that upgrades the sleazeball’s battle armour.


Episode 5: Metalhead: Donatello is sick of fighting alien technology with his staff so Splinter gives him the permission to upgrade his weapon. April goes after The Kraang by herself in the hope of locating her father.


Episode 6: Monkey Brains: Donatello and April go out alone to locate Dr. Falco (voiced by Jeffrey Combs), who might know where April’s father is. Next up is a battle against an escaped mutant monkey.


Episode 7: Never Say Xever: Shredder now names Xever (voiced by Christian Lanz) in charge of the hunt for the Turtles. The Turtles protect a blind restaurant owner against The Purple Dragons.


Episode 8: The Gauntlet: April is scared as she is being hunted by pigeon-like creatures. Splinter worries that the Turtles have become overconfident.


Episode 9: Panic in the Sewers: Splinter has a bad dream about the Turtles being killed by Shredder, so he decides to keep them in the sewer training. Down in the sewer for weeks the Turtles start going a little stir crazy.


Episode 10: Mousers Attack: Donatello and Mikey are not happy about Leonardo and Raphael considering them the B team. The Turtles go up against The Purple Dragons and it puts them in Shredder’s crosshairs.


Episode 11: It Came From the Depths: A mutant alligator brings unwanted attention to the Turtles so they set out to get rid of it. They change their tune when they see it being attacked by The Kraang.


Episode 12: New Girl in Town: Due to their constant bickering Leonardo turns over leadership of the Turtles to Raphael and goes out on his own. While alone Raphael meets a female ninja.


Episode 13: I, Monser: The scientist behind the mutagen, Dr. Victor Falco, is still working on creating something evil. When a fire starts in his secret lab something occurs to him and his sewer rats no one could’ve predicted.


Episode 14: The Alien Agenda: Baxter Stockman (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is working on legs for Xever. Shredder’s ninja daughter has been tasked with hunting down the Turtles and killing Splinter.


Episode 15: The Pulverizer: Donatello has built a transportation vehicle they can patrol the streets with. One night while patrolling they meet the Pulverizer (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) – a teenager fan they inspired to be a superhero.


Episode 16: TCRI: The Kraang have gotten the power cell from the Turtles. Now the Turtles have to go to see Leatherface to find out where it is.


Episode 17: Cockroach Terminator: Donatello builds a cockroach spy that he will be able to send into TCRI to spy on The Kraang. It all works well until the coackroach comes in contact with some mutagen.


Episode 18: Baxter’s Gambit: Baxter has got his hands on an endopartical disrupter. An all-out battle between the Turtles, Kraang and Dogface and Xever breaks out.


Episode 19: Enemy of My Enemy: An alien invasion seems imminent so the Turtles are keeping an eye on TCRI. Karai (voiced by Kelly Hu) warns her father Shredder about the invasion but he’s too preoccupied with doing away with the Turtles.


Episode 20: Karai’s Vendetta: Shredder charges Karai with capturing April in order to draw the Turtles out of hiding. When April needs the Turtles help getting away from Karai they have their hands full with The Kraang.


Episode 21: The Pulverizer Returns!: The Pulverizer has been recruited in the Foot Clan. He offers to spy on them as they battle The Kraang for the Turtles.


Episode 22: Parasitica: The Turtles stumble upon a wasp The Kraang has dosed with mutagen. After it stings Leonardo and dies he becomes obsessed with protecting its egg.


Episode 23: Operation Break Out: April’s dad sends her a secret encrypted email message. Donatello decodes it and in an effort to impress April goes to find her dad alone.


Episode 24: Showdown – Part 1 and Part 2: Donnie’s Kraang translator lets the Turtles know that the final phase of the alien invasion of the world is to commence in six hours. Splinter warns Leonardo that the most important thing is the mission and that he must be willing to sacrifice anything and anyone.


Special Features: The Mutation of a Scene: Rise of the Turtles, Pt. 1, Rise of the Turtles, Pt. 2, Turtle Temper, New Friend, Old Enemy, I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman, Metalhead, The Pulverizer, TCRI, Cockroach Terminator, Baxter’s Gambit, Theme Song: Karaoke Music Video, Animated Comic Books: Tales From the Turtle Lair, Part One and Tales From the Turtle Lair, Part Two, The Mutation of a Scene: New Girl in Town, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Trailer

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