The Barber of Seville @ Place des Arts – November 8, 2014

the barber of seville2What fun! The ensemble cast really comes together to shine in L’Opéra de Montréal’s production of “The Barber of Seville.” With its famous overture and even more famous aria, this “opera buffa” (comedic opera) is a definite crowd pleaser.

In this tangled love story, Rosina (Carol Garcia, Mezzo-Soprano) is the object of Count Almaviva’s (Bogdan Mihai, Tenor) affections. Unfortunately for them both, Rosina is under the guardianship of Dr. Bartolo (Carlo Lepore, Bass), a man who intends to marry her for her money. Enter Figaro (Étienne Dupuis, Baritone), a mischief-maker otherwise known as the barber of Seville. Together, Figaro and Almaviva plot to make a fool out of Bartolo, and free Rosina from his clutches. Lying, scheming, stealing, all is fair in love and war!

Very few opera’s showcase a baritone in the lead, but Étienne Dupuis takes the stage with all the power and confidence that Figaro requires. With so many principal roles, it is integral for this piece to possess a synchronization between its performers.  This beautiful cast of voices successfully achieves a harmony on stage that both heightens the appreciation of the composition, and brings the comedy to the forefront with ease.

The orchestration, the stage direction, the performances, the set design, everything was right on key.


Photos by Yves Renaud

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