Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution: Season 3

gabriel iglesias presents stand up revolution season 3A variety of stand-up acts are presented by well known stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias each week on this Comedy Central program. It is only a half hour show so each of the two comedians only gets a short set each but it is enough to introduce you to them so you can search them out if you like their style. On top you get a little bit of the comedian they call Fluffy off the top as well as an episode of Hey It’s Fluffy to close off the show.


Episode 1: Gabriel Iglesias, Kabir Singh, Lance Patrick: Gabriel Iglesias and Martin talk about losing another man to marriage. Kabir Singh discusses being Indian and arranged marriage. Lance Patrick does a magic trick that his uncle taught him. Hey It’s Fluffy explains why Gabriel started wearing shorts.


Episode 2: Gabriel Iglesias, Mark Viera, Barry Brewer: Gabriel Iglesias and Martin talk about how to spice up your sex life. Mark Viera explains to men in the audience what Spanx are. Barry Brewer discusses flying. Hey It’s Fluffy goes back to the beginning of Gabriel and Martin’s friendship.


Episode 3: Gabriel Iglesias, Shaun Latham, Jerry Rocha: Gabriel Iglesias talks about losing weight. Shaun Latham jokes about his lazy eye. Jerry Rocha discusses how every Mexican family has one racist white uncle. On Hey It’s Fluffy Gabriel’s mom is working the nightshift so Dino throws a party.


Episode 4: Gabriel Iglesias, Steve Simeone, G Reilly: Gabriel and Martin give props to Ozomatli. Steve Simeone talks about the original Willy Wonka film. G Reilly discusses racism. Hey It’s Fluffy is about Martin’s grandmother’s funeral after which Martin wonders about the point of life.


Episode 5: Gabriel Iglesias, Ian Bagg, Mike Merrill: Gabriel wonders what the show would be like if they made it more ethnic as Comedy Central has asked. Ian Bagg jokes about being from Mexico North – Canada. Mike Merrill jokes about how he would feel more comfortable if there were more black people in the room. In this episode of Hey It’s Fluffy Gabriel wonders how Mamo gets the money to buy his sharp clothes.


Episode 6: Gabriel Iglesias, Gina Brillon, Alfred Robles: Gabriel Iglesias, since it is the last show of the season, shows his appreciation for his friend Martin. Gina Brillon discusses being Puerto Rican from the Bronx. Alfred Robles talks about how cool it would be if you could put hashtags on tombstones. An Ozomatli music video version of Hey It’s Fluffy closes out the season.


Special Features: Extended + Additional Sets: Carlos Alazraqui, Gene Pompa, Jerry Rocha, “Hey It’s Fluffy” Animated Shorts: Fluffy and the Fluffy Pants, Ditch Party, Dino Runs Away, Martin and Death, Sugar, West Coast Fluffy

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