Perry Mason Movie Collection Double Feature 9

perry mason movie collection double feature volume 9The Case of the Ruthless Reporter:

When a self-centered and cruel news anchorman (played by John James) is found murdered a female reporter (played by Kerrie Keane) is arrested. Perry takes the case and uncovers that several people were being blackmailed by the anchorman and could have wanted him dead. The astute defense lawyer has to figure out who hated him enough to kill him.


The Case of the Maligned Mobster:

A gangster who has done many illegal things in his life is the number one suspect when his wife turns up dead at the hands of a hitman. He seems even guiltier because they had a huge, very public fight recently. The case seems to be an open and closed one until Perry Mason steps in and believing that even a gangster deserves good defense takes the case. It is up to Perry and Ken to investigate the gangster’s past and interpret the clues uncovered.

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