Callenberg – The Bailout Shop

callenberg the bailout shopSwedish synth fiddler/singer-songwriter Callenberg does not the tread along the path typically taken by musicians. First off his lyrics are often bizarre and at times absurd. Next he does not confine himself to featuring your typical musical instruments on his songs. One moment he can be playing the synth fiddler and the next he is using drum machines then reverberated bottlenecks. It is pop music Callenberg is creating but he does so via some interesting usage of low-fi with all its imperfections. Lots of it sounds like it was recorded in his bedroom though that is part of the charm. Typical is not what you would expect from an album featuring song titles like “Monkey on the Loose”, “Way to Go Silly Man” and “Silly Duck”. Twelve songs for you to get used to and which will help you to realize that safe is boring.

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