The Christmas Gift

the christmas giftA double treat for fans of Christmas and John Denver.  The country singer starred in this television film in 1986 and though it is a little hokey and dated there is still a nice Christmas feel to it.  A movie that is good viewing for the entire family.


George Billings (John Denver – Oh, God!) and his young daughter Alexandra (Gennie James – Places in the Heart, Broadcast News) are about to have a very memorable Christmas.  Recent widower George is an architect and is sent by his boss Mr. Renfield (Edward Winter – from television’s Dallas) to a small town in Colorado to scope it out as a location to build a new development.


Being from New York City (though originally from small town Nebraska) George finds Georgetown very charming.  Though even he is a little thrown when he soon realizes that all residents still believe in Santa Claus.  They even have a little holiday called Letter Day in which everyone brings their letter to Santa to the post office to mail it off to the man in the red suit.


Soon after the residents of Georgetown realize why George is there they get quite angry at him.  George begins to rethink his decision as he knows it will destroy what is great about the town – its old-fashion flair and the closeness of the residents.  Now it is up to him to discourage his company from beginning the building.  He might need a little bit of Christmas magic to help him out.


The scenes in the small town are wonderful and picturesque.  It makes you want to pick up and move there.  Snow, fireplaces and lots of kids running around.  What is really great about it and the real message of the film is how close the people in the town are and how they have forged a real sense of community.  In this day and age the whole concept of caring about or even knowing your neighbours has kind of left us.  A film like this reminds us that it is possible.

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