Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map – Blu-ray Edition

jeff dunham all over the mapHard to believe that a man working with a variety of puppets is one of the more successful stand-up comedians today but such is the case with ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. His tours sell out across North America and his DVDs sell by the case load. Go figure. Because he has conquered this continent, Jeff Dunham decided to challenge himself by taking his show on the road and performing in front of audiences whose first language is probably not English and who have only previously seen him on his Comedy Central DVDs or on YouTube clips.


If you have seen a Jeff Dunham show you know it usually follows a typical pattern. You know what to expect basically when you see him and his puppets. It is interesting to see that while in Australia, England, Ireland, Malaysia, Scotland, The United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore and Israel he customizes a big chunk of the show for each audience. Meaning his flavours his bits with local customs and other things specific to the country and people he is performing for. Testing his comedic muscles, in other words.


In a couple of countries he really has to be careful.  Sexual jokes or things that are fine in other parts of the world will not wash in the United Arab Emirates. Nowhere is it more of a test of his skill than when he is in Malaysia. There he is told that Achmed the Dead Terrorist (probably his most popular puppet) cannot be part of the show as the government finds it inappropriate. Not only can the puppet not be on stage but even his name cannot be uttered. If Dunham goes through with it he risks caning or arrest. Will he be willing to suffer for his comedy? Watch to find out.


Dunham is on stage with his puppets – Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter, Peanut, José Jalapeño and Bubba J – during this world tour. It is a one man and several fuzzy, felt puppets quest to prove that humour is universal.


Special Features: Road to Scotland, Jeff Meets Some Competition, Malaysia Warning, Making Jacques, Extreme Travel (0-110 Degrees)

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