Bette Midler – It’s The Girls!

bette midler its the girlsLa Grande Bette is back with her first album in eight years. Praise be to whatever higher power you believe in. There are very few all-around entertainers left like Bette. She comes from a different era of performers and yet has remained popular and relevant throughout her decades long career. Whatever she is doing, be it acting or singing, people pay attention and enjoy. A celebration of girl groups seems like the perfect vehicle for this lady. She has enough of a voice, personality and verve to make up a full group. I’m not the only one who thinks that as I think I have an equally enthusiastic supporter in The Divine M herself. She sounds so pumped up to be doing these songs that the fun she was having recording it leaps right through the speakers or headphones. This is a voyage through the time of girl groups in that she goes way back to 1931 for The Boswell Sisters’ “It’s The Girls”, jumps forward to 1954 for The Chordettes “Mr. Sandman” travels to the early sixties for The Exciters “Tell Him” and up to 1995 for a great cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls”. The last was a little unexpected but turned out marvelously. She instills each song with an abundance of pizzazz and life showing that she is comfortable with the music from any decade. Each song will beg you to sing along and precious few of you will be able to resist.

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