Devin Cuddy Interview

devin cuddyWe’re here today with Devin Cuddy.  Devin is in Manitoba today preparing to perform at the Sawmill café tonight.  He’s in the middle of his Canadian tour and has agreed to join us on the phone.



Orcasound:  First off congratulations on your sophomore CD release Kitchen Knife.  The CD came out this summer.   It is quite the infectious compilation of songs, I really enjoyed listening to it. First off, what was it like working with Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo on your latest release?


Devin:  It was great.  You know, he is a wonderful and talented guy and he guided us in the right directions.  I think it turned out pretty well.


Orcasound:  Did he have a big impact on the overall sound of the CD?


Devin:  Yeah, he did.  He was very involved.  It’s his studio so he really knows the way it sounds and what sounds good and what doesn’t sound good.  He guided us sonically through the bass and the equipment that he has and helped us out with some of the arrangements of the songs.


Orcasound:  Devin, who were some of your musical influences?


Devin:  Well, I drew off of New Orleans blues and early jazz and also country.  So from the first Louis Armstrongs, Professor Long Hair, Ray Charles and country from the mid seventies.


Orcasound:  We love the CD you just came out with and we’re looking forward to seeing you live here in Montreal.  I have to ask you for the night you were here in Montreal, I guess it was the last time you were here, and you were tied down to your chair onstage.  What was that all about?


Devin:  Yeah, last night of the Blue Rodeo tour and the roadies have, I guess, some twisted traditions, so we were bombarded by pranks and assaulted by them.


Orcasound:  Seems like a good night.


Devin:  It was.  It was a wonderful night.  Eventful, to say the least.


Orcasound:  Thanks for joining us on the phone today and I look forward to your performance in Montreal next week.


Devin’s CD Kitchen Knife is available in all fine CD stores and on-line.


The Devin Cuddy band will be performing live:

Friday November 21st – Sawmill Café, Boisevan MB

Saturday November 22nd – Kenmor Theatre, Morden MB

Thursday November 27th – Mansion House, Kingston ON

Friday November 28th – Zaphods, Ottawa ON

Saturday November 29th – Quai Des Brumes, Montreal /4481 Rue Saint-Denis (on the corner of Mont Royal)

Thursday December 4th – Pearl Company Theatre, Hamilton ON

Friday December 5th – Tweedsmiur Pub, Tweed ON

Saturday December 6th – The Rivoli, Toronto ON



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