No One Like Hugh @ Mainline Theatre – November 26, 2014

no one like hughImparting uplifting messages within tightly written dramas has been a long-standing tradition in the theatre world. Wrapping these messages up in a veneer of tongue-in-cheek humour, hilarious double entendres of a carnal nature and set against the backdrop of one of the most Puritanical eras known to Western civilization, medieval England, and it effectively puts a classy bowtie on a most elegantly crafted piece of work currently playing in the Plateau’s charming, intimate and proudly independent MainLine Theatre.

No One Like Hugh is a dazzling comedy brimming with both aristocracy and peasantry – from royalty to court jesters and everyone in between – as they attempt to teach their audience a valuable moral about being real, and true to oneself. At times chivalrous, at other times a tad scandalous for the Conservative set, the talented actors and crisp writing left those lucky enough to be in attendance howling with laughter and clamouring for an ending often seen in fairy tales featuring knights and princesses. This is a treat from beginning to end.

At the start, it was difficult to see in which direction it was going.  A few minutes later, everyone was on the edge of their seat transfixed with how it was going to play out. They did not leave disappointed. It is slightly hidden gems like this that make the theatre-going experience so consistently worth the trip.

No One Like Hugh continues until November 29th at the Mainline Theatre (

Photos by: William Farr

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