calvin harris motionTalk about pressure! This guy’s last album was huge. So huge that it produced nine top 10 hits in the U.K. Making a follow up must have been daunting. He must have decided to address that pressure by giving his fans more of what they showed that they love. Meaning that if you liked the music on 2012’s 18 Months then this is more of the same. Using the formula of getting high profile guest vocalists (Ellie Goulding, Gwen Stefani, HAIM and Big Sean) and setting them up with a backdrop of radio friendly EDM. Calvin himself does provide vocals on a couple of songs, like the huge aptly named summer 2014 smash “Summer”, but mostly just does the DJ thing on Motion. Maybe because it is so similar sounding to what he last did it makes it all feel a little repetitive after a while. The songs all begin to melt one into the next. You will be hearing several of these songs played on the radio and in the clubs over the next months but that does not make it a strong body of work. It is showing me that Calvin Harris does not have a big ego and take a backseat on his own album relegated primarily to a producer but it also does not give me a window into him as an artist. Hoping that on his next album it will show some creativeness and growth. For now though, I will be dancing my buns off to this.