Inspector Lewis: Series 7 – Blu-ray Edition

inspector lewis series 7Colin Dexter wrote the Inspector Morse novels which the BBC television series Inspector Lewis is based upon. The series features Inspector Lewis (played by Kevin Whately) and Detective Sergeant Hathaway (played by Laurence Fox). Series 7 is comprised of three mysteries – Entry Wounds, The Lions of Memea and Beyond Good and Evil. Hathaway was off for an extended period and upon his return he is promoted to Inspector while Lewis is adjusting to retired life. When a particularly tough case comes up Lewis is asked to rejoin his old partner in order to solve it. The two attempt to rid Oxford of all crime.


Episode 1: Entry Wounds: The worlds of neurosurgery, blood sports and animal rights come together after a case that begins with arson on a private hunting ground owned by Tom Marsten (played by Aden Gillett) and neurosurgeon Alistair Stokes (played by Jonny Phillips). Things become more serious when Stokes is shot to death. Gillian Fernsby (played by Anna Carteret) lived on the property and is the number one suspect. But there are also the animal rights activists who were threatening Stokes and Marsten. Because he had increased his partner’s life insurance shortly before his death, Marsten become the prime suspect. After he is interrogated he runs away and hides on his grounds. Later he turns up shot to death by the same gun as Stokes was. It becomes trickier and trickier.


Episode 2: The Lions of Nemea: An American classics student is found murdered. When Lewis and Hathaway begin the investigation it just becomes more complex due to secrets and unclear motives. Detective Sargeant Maddox (played by Angela Griffin) is brought on to help with the investigation. Soon the murdered PhD student’s boyfriend is found dead and then another body. Clues have been wiped away making things even trickier.


Episode 3: Beyond Good and Evil: Lewis’s first case is reopened when new murders start occurring with the same weapon. Several suspects are caught telling lies. Lewis begins blaming himself after Maddox is injured.


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