Dragon Ball Z: Season 9 – Blu-ray Edition

dragon ball z season 9The Z-Fighters seem to be running out of options in their ongoing battle against Majin Buu. Out of desperation they turn to their seemingly last resort – the Fusion Technique. Several unlikely things will have to work in favour of the Z-Fighters for this to even have a chance. It is going to take a bit of luck and combined efforts for the battle against this foe thought of as practically undefeatable. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

Episode 1: Sacrifice: Cell has absorbed 17 but he needs 18. An attack takes place and the androids are able to flee for safety.

Episode 2: Saiyan’s Emerge: Vegeta does not want Trunks to divulge anything about training to Goku. Trunks follows Vegeta as he leaves to seek out and destroy Cell.

Episode 3: Super Vegeta: 16 is damaged and together with 18 they are not able to defeat Cell. They do manage to stash him on an island though.

Episode 4: Bow to the Prince: Vegeta orders Trunks to not get involved in the fight and she complies. Vegeta wants to deal with Cell himself.

Episode 5: Hour of Temptation: All expect Vegeta to soon be victorious over Cell. Trunks tries to convince his father to do the right thing.

Episode 6 Krillin’s Decision: Vegeta continues his beating on Cell. In the meantime, the Z Fighters have been battling to save Earth.

Episode 7: The Last Defense: Cell, no longer being attacked by Vegeta, has now found 18. Krillin is ready to help 18 as she decides not to join 17.

Episode 8: Cell is Complete: Goku and Gohan are still undergoing serious training. Cell has absorbed 18.

Episode 9: Vegeta Must Pay: Krillin begins an attack on Cell. He really wants to fight Vegeta.

Episode 10: Trunk Ascends: Cell has powered up to his perfect form rendering him to big a match for Vegeta. Cell’s right arm is destroyed.

Episode 11: Saving Throw: Goku and Gohan continue to grow stronger within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Cell is looking to destroy Trunks but the young Saiyan stands in the way.

Episode 12: Ghosts From Tomorrow: The battle between Trunks and Cell continues on. What is on the line is the future of Earth.

Special Features: Inside Dragon Ball Z: Interview with Josh Martin, Inside Dragon Ball Z: Interview with Chris Rager, From East to West: Dragon Ball Z’s Epic Journey, A Completely Serious Discussion About the Comedy of Dragon Ball Z, Textless Opening Song, Textless Closing Song, U.S. Trailer,Trailers

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