wilco alpha foxOver the past twenty years the group has evolved from an alt-country force to something even more experimental. These guys are not afraid to explore and forge ahead on paths yet tread. You can follow the entire evolution on these four CDs. It really is like listening in on the band’s musical diary as several of the tracks are demos that are so raw you almost feel like an interloper for listening. It really is a fantastic opportunity to check out the creative process of this band. Unlike most rarities albums it does not simply contain filler. There truly is plenty to appreciate here. As if the songs weren’t enough frontman Jeff Tweedy has written notes on each song that gives you plenty of insight into the song and the band. The live tracks are amazing and the sound is good. If you are a fan of the band then you have to purchase this. It is a great “story” of a band that never selected the obvious choice when it came to the music they made.  Popular yet they kind of fly under the radar.