Air Supply: Live in Hong Kong – Blu-ray Edition

air supply live in hong kongI know there are some of you out there who are thinking “Air Supply?!? They still exist?!?”. This live show and subsequent blu-ray will answer “yes” to that question.


For this show in Hong Kong the Aussie duo goes towards showing that they are not as soft rock as their reputation has them. The young band they have supporting them should earn most of the credit for this. Not only are they talented but they pump things up a notch and render those (a little) tired AM romantic ballads a little more vibrant live. Despite all the years that have gone by Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock’s voices still sound strong and good.


What could have been better were the production values of the recording. It has a kind of by the seat of your pants feel to it like there was no direction or director in charge of things. Some of the shots don’t work and even some of the onstage banter does not work. It all could have done with some editing out of the weaker moments.

Track List:

1.    Even the Nights Are Better
2.    Just as I am
3.    Every Woman in the World
4.    Here I Am
5.    Chances
6.    Dance with Me
7.    Desert Sea Sky
8.    Power of Love
9.    I Won’t Stop Loving You
10.    Two Less Lonely People
11.    The One That You Love
12.    Lost in Love
13.    Sweet Dreams
14.    Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
15.    Goodbye
16.    All Out Of Love


The Making of Air Supply Live In Hong Kong


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