barbie and the secret doorI am wondering when a new and original idea will come out of the animation world for films aimed at young girls. It is rare that an animated film geared at young girls involves something other than princesses, mermaids or fairies and this film hits all three. Watching this really makes me appreciative of films like Frozen and Brave. Plus the stories are all so similar with the traveling to a mysterious land and ending up in a happy ending that I’ve started to tune out. My final criticism is that because of all the pinks and bright colours it is a little nauseating inducing and looks a lot like Candyland. Now if I was five years old I’m not sure I would be so picky…


Alexa (Barbie) is a princess who is so shy that she stays in her bedroom reading as much as she can get away with. Rarely venturing outside the castle and definitely not performing any royal duties. Her anxiety goes way up when her mother the Queen instructs Alexa that she cannot wiggle out of her duty of doing the first dance at


The shy princess discovers a secret door in her kingdom and once she passes through it Alexa is transported to a strange land filled with magical creatures and various oddities. There she meets Romy the mermaid and Nori the fairy. They tell Alexa that the ruler named Malucia is trying to eliminate all magic from the land.


What surprises Alexa most about being in this land is that while she is there she herself has magical powers. For this reason Romy and Nori believe that she is the one who can bring magic back. Alexa is not sure that she will have the courage necessary to do what she must. While struggling with this she learns that the power of friendship is stronger than all magic.


Special Features: Music Videos, Outtakes, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Episode Part 1 & 2, “Anything is Possible” Music Video, Trailer Gallery, Digital Copy