Continuum: Season 3 – Blu-ray Edition

continuum season 3A female police officer from the year 2077 works in partnership with a Vancouver Police Detective Carlos Fonnegra (played by Victor Webster). The form a not entirely relaxed partnership solving crimes while Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols) tries to figure out why she has been sent back in time. This is a cop show that has time travel, political intrigue and science fiction elements.

Episode 1: Minute By Minute: Alec Sandler (played by Erik Knudsen) has ruined Kiera’s chance of returning to 2077 in order to save his girlfriend. Kiera and Liber8 attempt to escape from their holders, the Freelancers.

Episode 2: Minute Man: Kiera has traveled back one week in time and tries to convince Alec that he was not responsible for killer Kiera in her time line. She also realizes that the future time line has been changed.

Episode 3: Minute to Win It: Kiera is still hoping to locate who killed an earlier version of herself. Alec discovers that Escher was his father.

Episode 4: Minute Changes: A college student has been ensnared in a police cover-up so Kiera tries to get to the truth. Alec links up with an unlikely ally.

Episode 5: 30 Minutes to Air: Liber8 takes hostages at a television station. Alec and Kellog (played by Stephen Lobo), men who used to work together, now find themselves rivals.

Episode 6: Wasted Minute: Carlos is losing his grip emotionally. He and Kiera have to try and stop Liber8 from committing a chemical attack on the city.

Episode 7: Waning Minute: While transporting a prisoner on her CPS flyer in the year 2076 Kiera crash lands. In order to live she finds herself having to work with the prisoner.

Episode 8: So Do Our Minutes Hasten: A gas attack on the offices of Fermitas and Carlos and Kiera investigate. Inspector Dillon (played by Brian Markinson) believes Liber8 is behind the attack.

Episode 9: Minute of Silence: A John Doe in 2077 awakens and only remembers Kiera’s name. Carlos and Kiera work on a case that Dillon told them to stay away from.

Episode 10: Revolutions Per Minute: Kiera’s relationship with the John Doe makes the Freelancers anxious. Alec’s latest invention could change the world.

Episode 11: 3 Minutes to Midnight: Both Kiera and John Doe are put in danger of an attack by Liber8. Alec has to deal with the fact that his invention is the cause of Jason’s (played by Ian Tracey) growing weird behaviour.

Episode 12: The Dying Minutes: Kiera and John Doe work together to try and bring an end to the Freelancers. Carlos rights himself and helps steady Dillon and the Vancouver Police Department.

Episode 13: Last Minute: Kiera finds herself on the side of Liber8 and makes enemies out of friends. Kellog assumes control of Piron.

Special Features: Webisodes, Continuum: Behind the Scenes

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