led zeppelin led zeppelin ivHow do you review a Led Zeppelin album? They are one of the forefathers of blues rock and continue to influence acts today some five decades later. Nothing they did was ordinary. Nothing they did not leave a mark. Led Zeppelin IV was originally released in 1971 and demonstrated a mature band that knew exactly what sound they wanted. We now hear a group that meshed blues and folk rock seamlessly. They were always going there; it just took them three albums to get there. This ended up being their strongest album with them at the heights of their power sound. You get wonderful guitar solos, delicate acoustic songs, at times poetic lyrics and Robert Plant’s wailing vocals. They warm up with the rollicking blues of “Black Dog”, move on to some boogie woogie with “Rock and Roll” and finally “Four Sticks” displays those muddy sounding guitars that hypnotized music fans. On “Misty Mountain Hop” you get Page at his frenetic genius best. Then there is the epic masterpiece that is “Stairway to Heaven”. Lead guitarist Jimmy Page is responsible for the remastering, so you know it could not sound better. On this the deluxe edition you get alternative mixes of each of the eight tracks. Alternate views of songs you know so well.