Monster High: Clawsome Double Feature – Fright On! and Escape From Skull Shores – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

monster high clawsome double featureHigh school is a time of evolution, angst, high emotion and finding out who you are. In other words it is a time of great change and stress for the teenagers involved. You can imagine that the stress goes up tenfold if said teenagers are monsters. So it makes sense to make these teenage monsters as comfortable as possible a high school has been opened expressly for them. Monster High is a place where these oddities fit in and go about life as normally as possible.

On this blu-ray/DVD combo edition there are two television specials that aired about a year ago. They are packaged here together for your convenience and young people’s viewing pleasure.

Escape From Skull Shores:
It is time for spring break and all the teen monsters are excited. Extra excited, I would say. That is because they are heading off to the Great Barrier Reef with Lagoona (voiced by Laura Bailey) to meet up with her family. This causes everyone excitement except for her boyfriend Gil (voiced by Evan Smith), who is worried if they will like him. All this is forgotten when the ship they are all sailing on is shipwrecked.

The friends are all trying to figure out what to do when they are rescued by a mysterious man named Farnum (voiced by Keith Silverstein). Farnum, who has ulterior motives, offers to take them on his ship to their destination. Their voyage is side tracked when he brings them to Skull Shores and introduces them to the Tikis, the inhabitants of the island.

Farnum has convinced the monsters that it is simply for pleasure but really he has a far more devious plan up his sleeve. The plan involves Frankie Stein (voiced by Kate Higins) and a very large beast named Andy Beast (voiced by George Newbern). It is going to be up to Frankie Stein, Lagoona and even Gil to get everyone away from Farnum.

Fright On!:
Monster High is a glowing example of monster integration. All the different types of monsters attend together in harmony. Things change when it is decided that other monster highs should be amalgamated. The harmony disappears and conflict reigns. Everyone is upset by this. Everyone except Administrator Van Helscream (voiced by Cam Clarke), who is using this conflict in order to prove his point that monster groups should be isolated from one another.

It is now going to be up to Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti), Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry) and their ghoulfriends to save their school. They have to prove that different types of monsters can co-exist. They have to restore harmony at Monster High or lose it forever.

Special Features: Previews for Monster High: 13 Wishes, Monster High: Ghouls Rule

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