Dominion: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

dominion season oneYou might be thinking that the television world does not need another supernatural series. Well, I’m not going to debate that there are probably too many but Dominion distinguishes itself enough from the pack that it shows its merits.

Set in the near future roughly twenty-five years after the Extinction War, a war that came about after God abandoned all in heaven and earth due to a loss of faith. The war came about due to a group of lower angels who have been gathered together by the archangel Gabriel and waged war on humans. Seeing this the archangel Michael (played by Tom Wisdom) has decided to fight on the side of mankind. After the war there are certain cities that have survived to become shelters for the human survivors. Vega, which used to be Las Vegas, is one such city. It is now an empire formed from the former Sin City.

Episode 1: Pilot: After the war between the Angels and man the human survivors take shelter in fortified cities. There the archangel Michael trains a few select human survivors to become warriors.

Episode 2: Godspeed: Alex (played by Christopher Egan) refuses to accept that he is the Chosen One. Michael tries to negotiate peace with Gabriel (played by Carl Beukes).

Episode 3: Broken Places: Alex leaves Vega to investigate his past. David (played by Anthony Head) and Arika (played by Shivani Ghai) form a partnership.

Episode 4: The Flood: Word begins to spread in Vega that Alex is the Chosen One. Gabriel launches another attack on Vega.

Episode 5: Something Borrowed: Alex begins to train under Michael. David finds himself up against Claire (played by Roxanne McKee).

Episode 6: Black Eyes Blue: Edward (played by Alan Dale) makes a deal with Arika. David discovers that William (played by Luke Allen-Gale) is the leader of the Black Acolytes.

Episode 7: Ouroboros: Gabriel causes problems by revealing a secret. Michael implores Alex to prevent any more deaths after some angels turn up dead in Vega.

Episode 8: Beware Those Closest to You: Gabriel and Uriel (played by Katrine De Candole) uncover that Alex is the father of Claire’s child. Edward leaves Vega.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Beware Those Closest to You: Alternate Extended Version, Beware Those Closest to You: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, UltraViolet Digital HD Digital Copy

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