charli xcx suckerShowing that she is 22-years-old and doesn’t give a damn what people think to lead off her debut album Charli XCX says “F*@k you, sucker”. Quite a statement right off the top. And it is appropriate for this artist if you think about it. She is young, demonstrates she is not going to play by the rules, loud and about to blow up. The ball (power) is in her court and she knows it. This is her time and she is taking that bull by the horns and showing the massive beast that is the music industry who is boss. We knew her before this album for having penned the massive hit for Icona Pop called “I Love It” and providing the vocals on Iggy Azalea’s massive hit “Fancy”. Even before Sucker she had made a name for herself. Though her music and even lyrics are in your face she still lands firmly in the pop category and most definitely in the catchy pop category. The volume and attitude on a couple of tracks makes them pop punk in a delightful way. Showing that “I Love It” was not a fluke, Charli XCX continues on with several more wormhole jams on her debut. She has a talent for writing beats and lyrics that work their way into your head. A young artist to keep your eyes and ears on.