south park the complete seventeenth seasonFor my money South Park is one of the most wildly inconsistent shows on television. That has been true for most of its long run on the small screen. Sometimes the show by Trey Parker and Matt Stone can be brilliant and funny whereas other times it is just infantile and lazy. Fans do love these crazy, crass and definitely left of centre primary school kids from South Park, Colorado though. Before Family Guy and Seth McFarlane’s other animated series that poked fun at pop culture and had no boundaries there was South Park.


Episode 1: Let Go, Let Gov: Cartman is sick and tired of the government spying on him so he decides to do something about it. His plan is to infiltrate the NSA and get his hands on the secret file he suspects they have on him.


Episode 2: Informative Murder Porn: Grown-ups in South Park are killing each other and it is due to the television they are watching. Their kids decide to use parental locks on the televisions in order to stop their parents from watching true crime documentaries. Randy tries to bypass the locks by learning something only kids know while the kids beg the cable company to help them save their parents.


Episode 3: World War Zimmerman: After a shocking decision on a high profile case, Cartman begins to believe that Token is a threat to human beings. Using Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law Cartman plans to save the world.


Episode 4: Goth Kids 3: Dawn of Posers: Goth kid Henrietta is sent by her parents to a camp for troubled kids and she comes back an Emo. Frightened the rest of the Goth kids make an alliance with the Vampire kids and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe to put an end to the onslaught of Emo kids.


Episode 5: Taming Strange: Ike has begun to hit puberty and he and Kyle have grown apart. Kyle wants them to be close again so he takes Ike to a performance of his favourite show. Once there Ike behaves inappropriately and causes trouble.


Episode 6: Ginger Cow: Cartman’s latest prank is that he dresses a cow up as a ginger. There is an unexpected aftereffect though as a ginger cow fulfills a prophecy that leads to peace in the Middle East. Kyle is the only one who knows the cow is a fake.


Episode 7: Black Friday: The town of South Park is getting ready for the best shopping day of the year. The boys begin a console war that pits Xbox One users against Playstation 4 preferers. The residents of South Park realize that Black Friday means that winter is coming.


Episode 8: A Song of Ass and Fire: Black Friday is getting closer. Cartman wants revenge for what he sees as betrayal by Kenny. Randy becomes the leader of the mall security guards.


Episode 9: Titties and Dragons: The two sides agree to merge. Cartman is still looking out for his own best interests. Randy has to defend the mall from all the shoppers.


Episode 10: The Hobbit: Butters refuses a date with a girl who has low self-esteem. Wendy uses Photoshop to make things better for her. Her plan to show that the ability to retouch photos has led to unachievable levels of beauty for girls is foiled when everyone at school just decides to retouch their photos.


Special Features: Deleted Scenes, #Social Commentary