Johnny Legdick: A Rock Opera @ Centaur Theatre – January 8, 2014

johnny legdickJust the name of the play “ Johnny Legdick “ gave me the idea of what I was about to experience.

Blatantly hilarious suggestive sexual innuendo galore in an extremely entertaining rock opera framework will keep you captivated waiting for the next phrase and song.

The interesting songs that compliment the intriguing plot are played by a talented diverse 7-piece band that is in plain view just above the stage. Colin Macdonald, who plays Johnny Legdick, has an incredible range in his singing voice, dances up a storm and is very interactively animated despite the cumbersome third leg that he lugs around. At one point he playfully high fives people in the audience. All the other members of this 9 actor, equally effective, cast get the dramatic but fun message across through this one act 50 minute show which is funded by Patreon.

A must to see for yourself!


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