NCIS: Los Angeles – The Fifth Season

ncis los angeles the fifth seasonThe Los Angeles NCIS division is made up of very diverse people from different backgrounds. They are under the watchful eyes and rapier sharp mind of Hetty Lange (played by Linda Hunt), a woman who covers all angles.  Technically they are supported by two computer expert.  In Ops are the duo of Eric (played by Barrett Foa) and Nell (played by Renée Felice Smith) who can track any car, identify any face and get a bunch of other information needed by the team. The team is lead by Special Agent G. Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell). His partner is a former U.S. Navy Seal who saw action in Afghanistan and Iraq named Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J).  The other set of partners is LAPD officer Marty Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen) and Special Agent and former army sniper Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah). Together they make an almost undefeatable team backed by the latest in technology. The unit is also close which makes them stronger as they chase some of the most dangerous criminals on the planet.


Episode 1: Ascension: Sam and Deeks are now recovering from the torture they underwent at the hands of the international terrorist group.The rest of the team hunts for the stolen nuclear weapons.


Episode 2: Impact: Sam wants to get back to work and wants to join the team on their latest case. Deeks is still not ready and goes into seclusion.


Episode 3: Omni: Deeks finally returns to NCIS. The team is working on a case involving a top secret vaccine project and a murder.


Episode 4: Reznikov, N.: Callen tries to figure out why Hetty has sent him away on a bogus assignment rather that work with the team on their latest case. He is sent for a loop when he finds out the case involves a man who might be his father.


Episode 5: Unwritten: A former navy officer who is now a software designer works with the team on a case involving the kidnapping of his girlfriend. The ransom demanded is classified navy technology.


Episode 6: Big Brother: Callen goes undercover at a high school as a substitute teacher. This is due to a case involving a teenager who has hacked into the FBI and CIA’s systems.


Episode 7: The Livelong Day: The NCIS team works against the clock on their latest case involving a bomb on a train heading to Los Angeles. Kensi and Deeks go undercover at the train company to try to find out what they are hiding.


Episode 8: Fallout: The team is on the hunt for a stolen nuclear detection device needed to protect Los Angeles. Hetty has to deal with someone from her past.


Episode 9: Recovery: For their latest case Deeks has to go undercover as a patient at a rehab facility and Kensi poses as a nutritionist. The case involves the murder of a naval IT officer.


Episode 10: The Frozen Lake: In order to locate a missing thumb drive the team seeks the help of a Gurkha. Deeks’ feelings for Kensi seems to be affecting his judgment while working.


Episode 11: Iron Curtain Rising: Kensi starts her latest assignment in Afghanistan. The rest of the team works on locating a Romanian war criminal now living in Los Angeles.


Episode 12: Merry Evasion: The team has to locate a senator’s daughter who has managed to escape from her kidnappers. Kensi finds out more of the particulars of her assignment.


Episode 13: Allegiance: Kensi and Granger (played by Miguel Ferrer) ask for the team’s help as they believe that the murder of a federal agent has been perpetrated by a terrorist group in Afghanistan. Also tied up in the case is Hawala, an ancient means of transferring money.


Episode 14: War Cries: Two military contractors are killed and the team is called upon to find out by who. The stakes increase when one of the team is put in a vulnerable position vis a vis the killer.


Episode 15: Tuhon: Callen and Sam travel to Mexico to try and locate Tuhon (played by Danny Trejo), who might be guilty of murder. Tuhon was involved in Sam and Callen’s very first case together.


Episode 16: Fish Out of Water: The team has to figure out whether a bombing at a fish market is related to a drug deal gone bad or is a terrorist attack. Kensi and Granger are still on the lookout for the White Ghost in Afghanistan.


Episode 17: Between the Lines: An undercover ATF agent is executed and the video of that is posted online. The team is brought on to find out if other agents were exposed during his torture.


Episode 18: Zero Days: The NCIS team has to figure out whether the system controls for Russia’s missile has been compromised. Kensi is shocked when she encounters a familiar face in Afghanistan.


Episode 19: Spoils of War: The team is told that Kensi has gone missing in Afghanistan and might be a prisoner of the Taliban. They begin a rescue mission.


Episode 20: Windfall: Nell is sent into the field by Hetty as Deeks’ partner. Al-Qaeda is targeting a former marine who they believe embezzled money from them.


Episode 21: Three Hearts: The team arrests an undercover agent they think has been working with the smuggler he is supposed to be investigating. Kensi and Deeks have to make a decision about their relationship.


Episode 22: One More Chance: The software for a new unmanned aerial vehicle is stolen. Sam believes the kidnapping a 10-year-old girl is connected.


Episode 23: Exposure: A bombing occurs at a military charity event and a news reporter names a terrorist group as responsible. The team has to figure out if this is the case.


Episode 24: Deep Trouble: Callen and Sam work on locating a stolen submarine that is being used by the cartel to transport drugs. Hetty is called to Washington and keeps the reason secret from the team.


Special Features: Happy With, No Crew is Superior Remix, Unexpected Developments, the Write Stuff, Crafting Afghanistan

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