Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

wu tang clan a better tomorrowThe nine members of the hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan are all together again for their first album in seven years. Sometimes though time does not heal all wounds. This band used to be known and loved for their fierce rapping style and sample laden music. Now they just sound like a stir fry and a stir fry that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. There are too many ingredients and instead of working together complimenting each other it almost seems like they are all fighting for their time in the spotlight. It is a sonic mess. One thing that maintains it strength is the rapping. Dang they are one of the best at their vocal delivery in this genre. Very few rappers can top Method Man when he gets going. On top of his genius you get GZA mellower and very intellectual flow. There is plenty of talent here (I haven’t even spoken about RZA’s greatness at constructing beats) and that is what makes an album like this all the more frustrating. Here’s to hoping this is not the last we hear from Wu-Tang.

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