Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

boardwalk empire the complete fifth seasonThough it has drawn some attention (mostly for the excellent acting of Steve Buscemi) I have found that HBO’s Boardwalk Empire has been largely underappreciated. The story of the rise of gangsters in Atlantic City during the Prohibition Era works well as a period piece and is entertaining. In the 1920s Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (played by Steve Buscemi) becomes the treasurer of Atlantic County, Atlantic City. He uses his legit position to play both sides of the law and becomes a very powerful man as a result. His success does attract the attention of the Federal Government which begins investigating the man. They believe that with all the profits going on due to the bootlegging going on in the area and the fortune he has amassed Nucky has got have his fingers in the pie. Using his wits, power, money, influence and street smarts for the most part Nucky manages to stay ahead of the agents after him.


Episode 1: Golden Days For Boys and Girls: The year is 1931 and Nucky is in Cuba attempting to set up shipping lines to the U.S. Chalky (played by Michael Kenneth Williams) is fighting for his freedom.


Episode 2: The Good Listener: After he returns to New York Nucky tries to find out who tried to have him killed in Cuba. Gillian (played by Gretchen Mol) is now living in a psychiatric facility for women.


Episode 3: What Jesus Said: Chalky is on the run. Margaret (played by Kelly Macdonald) finds herself in trouble due to a deal she made with Arnold Rothstein before his death.


Episode 4: Cuanto: Luciano (played by Vincent Piazza) runs into Capone (played by Stephen Graham) in Chicago. Sally (played by Patricia Arquette) does some business in Cuba.


Episode 5: King of Norway: Chalky shows up at Nucky’s looking for some information on Narcisse (played by Jeffrey Wright). Eli (played by Shea Whigham) and Mueller (played by Christian Seidel) are both arrested.


Episode 6: Devil You Know: Nucky begins drinking heavily and hanging around with a different crowd of people. The Feds are using Eli and Nelson (played by Michael Shannon) to infiltrate the Capone crew.


Episode 7: Friendless Child: Nucky desperately tries to keep control in Atlantic City. His time as a crime boss is coming to an end for Maranzano (played by Giampiero Judica).


Episode 8: Eldorado: Nucky visits Gillian. Capone is getting ready to face trial in Chicago. Living in New York Margaret has become a stock operator.


Special Features: Scouting the Boardwalk, Digital Copy

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