Extant: The First Season – Blu-ray Edition

extant the first seasonIf there are stories that have preoccupied Steven Spielberg throughout his career they have concerned artificial intelligence and alien life. He has gone to these wells again and again.  When writer/series creator Mickey Fisher’s work called Extant came to Speilberg’s attention he was fully on board. The series is a mystery thriller about Molly (played by Halle Berry), a female scientist/astronaut who is attempting to readapt to life on Earth with her family after a solo thirteen month voyage in outer space. Readjusting to living with John (played by Goran Visnjic) and her humanic (robot) son, Ethan (played by Pierce Gagnon) is proving to be difficult for several reasons. The spoke in the wheels of her life is that she did not come back alone. Despite the fact that she was alone the entire time upon her return she finds out she is pregnant. Impossible you might be thinking but such is not the case in the world of Mickey Fisher and Steven Spielberg.


Episode 1: Re-Entry: Molly is back from her thirteen month solo space mission and trying to re-adapt to her life. Making things even trickier, Dr. Sam Barton (played by Camryn Manheim) informs her she is pregnant.


Episode 2: Extinct: John begins working at his new facility funded by Mr. Yasumoto (played by Hiroyuki Sanada). Molly and Ethan keep secrets from John.


Episode 3: Wish You Were Here: Director Sparks (played by Michael O’Neill) tells Molly a story that is more believable than the truth about her pregnancy. Ethan goes to orientation at his new school.


Episode 4: Shelter: After escaping from Sparks, John, Ethan and Molly go into hiding. Sparks catches Dr. Barton trying to destroy the blood sample from Molly.


Episode 5: What on Earth is Wrong?: Molly is brought into the hospital as there is a concern about the baby. Ethan has been shut down by Spark’s men.


Episode 6: Nightmares: Ethan is back home but has nightmares about something bad happening to Molly. Molly is back at work trying to get to the bottom of what happened to her.


Episode 7: More in Heaven and Earth/Incursion: After seeing the video of the Aruna distress call from Katie (played by Tessa Ferrer), Spark’s daughter, Molly puts a plan in motion to find the baby taken from her. Sparks and Gordon (played by Maury Sterling) have captured Harmon Kryger (played by Brad Beyer) and want the Aruna files from him. Gordon, Molly and Kryger go to Claypool Industries to try and locate the Offspring.


Episode 8: Care and Feeding/A Pack of Cards: Sparks takes Katie (played by Shree Crooks) and the Offspring and goes off the grid. Kryger locks Molly in Claypool Industries. John turns to Yasumoto for help.


Episode 9: A New World: Kryger is dead after being shot by Sparks. Sparks still has the Offspring so Gordon and Molly go after him. Yasumoto is running out of time and gets more desperate.


Episode 10: Before the Blood: Aboard Seraphim Sean Glass (played by Enver Gjokaj) is contacted by another ISEA ship with the news that they have an escape pod from the Aruna. Sparks is at ISEA headquarters after having confessed to what he’s been up to and Molly tries to get more information out of him. Katie Sparks is alive and aboard the Seraphim.


Episode 11: Ascension: John and Julie (played by Grace Gummer) realize that Odin (played by Charlie Bewley) has planted a bomb inside Ethan. Molly travels to the Seraphim in order to stop it from entering Earth’s atmosphere. Ethan finally figures out his function.


Special Features: The Story of “Extant”, CBS Launch Promos, Deleted Scenes, Extant: Filming Season One, Extant: The Cast, The Mythology of “Extant”, The Offspring, The Future World of “Extant”, The Visual Effects of “Extant”, Gag Reel



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