downton abbey season 5Season five starts in the year 1924 and with Downton Abbey’s long traditional ways being threatened. Changes are about everywhere with the radio becoming more and more commonplace and the newly elected Labour government enacting changes. The Crawley family and their staff has their hands full adjusting to the Roaring Twenties. Every story going on in the show goes through twists and turns. To those of you who have not watched the marvelous BBC show you might think it sounds like a soap opera but there is much more depth going on at Downton Abbey due to the great writing and acting. All of it will make you binge watch this great British television series.


Episode 1: The changes put into action by the new Labour government sends the upstairs and downstairs residents of Downton Abbey scrambling to adjust. Jimmy (played by Ed Speleers) struggles with some attention from a woman. Baxter (played by Raquel Cassidy) is presented with an ultimatum from Thomas (played by Rob James-Collier).


Episode 2: Downton Abbey is in the process of recovering from what happened the night before. Robert (played by Hugh Bonneville) has a tough decision to make. Daisy (played by Sophie McShera) is continuing to have trouble with school.


Episode 3: Violet (played by Maggie Smith) has to think quickly in order to save the day. Things don’t go as planned and Robert is embarrassed. Green’s death is once again investigated.


Episode 4: Thomas returns to Downton Abbey with a strange illness. Rose’s (played by Lily James) father returns to Downton Abbey and causes a stir. Violet lets Isobel (played by Penelope Wilton) in on an aspect concerning her past.


Episode 5: Rose meets a handsome stranger. Simon Bricker (played by Richard E. Grant) returns to Downton Abbey to discuss a painting with Cora (played by Elizabeth McGovern). Tom (played by Allen Leech) finds himself having to make a tough decision about Sarah (played by Daisy Lewis).


Episode 6: Things between Cora and Robert are tense. Baxter becomes entangled in the investigation of Green’s death. Thomas’s health is getting worse.


Episode 7: Edith (played by Laura Carmichael) leaves Downton Abbey and Lady Rosamund (played by Samantha Bond) arrives. Violet has her hands full with all the fighting servants. Daisy is becoming disenchanted about her studies which worries Joseph (played by Kevin Doyle).


Episode 8: The house is preparing for Rose’s big day. Robert has something planned involving the unveiling of the war memorial. Edith’s deal with Marigold seems to be working out.


Episode 9: A Moorland Holiday: It is now the fall of 1924 and grouse shooting season. Rose’s father-in-law has invited the Crawley family to Brancaster Castle for a shooting party. Stowell’s (played by Alun Armstrong) secret threatens to ruin the whole thing.