Perry Mason: Movie Collection – Double Feature 12

perry mason movie collection double feature 12It is back to the courtroom for Perry Mason (played by Raymond Burr) and his team of Della Street (played by Barbara Hale) and Ken Malansky (played by William R. Moses). Even though they are one of the top defense teams in the United States they have their hands full with these two cases. They have to defend their clients who are all the prime suspects in murders involving the death the bride’s uncle, and a cosmetics tycoon. Though these made for television movies all aired in the nineties they stand up well in the fact that they will keep you guessing until the end.

The Case of the Brokenhearted Bride:

Perry and Della have been invited to the wedding of the daughter of an old friend (played by Ronny Cox). This is no ordinary wedding as the bride, Kaitlyn Parrish (played by Heather McAdam), is a big pop star.  The press and fans are all around the family mansion on the day of the wedding. Security is high. Still one fan manages to sneak in but has to hide in a closet pretty much missing the ceremony. Suddenly the ceremony is interrupted by the angry uncle (played by Beau Starr) of the groom yelling about some old grudges he has with the bride’s father. Security knocks him out and carry him unconscious to a small room in the house and the ceremony continues. Later the uncle is found dead with a knife sticking out of his chest and the bride standing over him.

The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal:

A famous cosmetics company owner, Alana Westbrook (played by Morgan Fairchild), reveals that she is sixty and looks good because of the anti-aging cream her company has developed. Shortly after she is murdered and the anti-aging cream’s formula is stolen. Her husband Arthur (played by Patrick O’Neal) is arrested. It is up to Perry Mason and Ken Malansky to figure out whether he truly is the guilty party or is the victim of a complicated cover-up. The case becomes more involved when it is revealed that Alana was unfaithful to Arthur.

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