Chris J. Connolly – Flying Lessons

chris j connolly flying lessonsMusician Chris J. Connolly was born in Staffordshire, England and moved to New York City as an adult to work on his music career. That made sense as his main musical influence is American roots and modern alt-rock music. After working on forging his own identity, his style involves plenty of catchy hooks and a unique writing style. As for labeling him he falls in the middle of folk, alt-rock and pop. While listening to the album several times in order to write this review I was struck on several occasions on how he sounds a little like Neil Young at times. The album Flying Lessons, his debut, is not as stress inducing as the title would lead you to believe. Actually it is quite the opposite with most of the songs being very chill. Harmonies are layered one on top of the other and Chris J. Connolly’s high tenor voice can be mesmerizing at times. Stand out tracks on the eight track album include “Wild Beast” and “Black Swan”. He wisely keeps things simple and it is refreshing.

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