Broad City: Season 1

broad city season 1Having a show based around the daily lives of two young women living in New York City does not sound especially riveting. It doesn’t help when I say you will see Ilana (played by Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (played by Abbi Jacobson) go to a friend’s wedding, apartment hunt, try to survive a blackout and try to locate their lost cell phone. Sounds like a show about nothing, right? Here is where I remind you how entertaining the original show about nothing was – Seinfeld.

What Seinfeld had in spades and Broad City seems to have as well is a whole bunch of very odd yet entertaining to watch characters. Abbi and Ilana are two of the wildest girls you could ever hope to meet. They could make watching paint dry a fun experience. Do yourself a favour and check out this Amy Poehler produced series with guest appearances by Janeane Garofalo, Rachel Dratch, Amy Sedaris and Fred Armisen.

Episode 1: What a Wonderful World: Abbi works as a cleaner at a fitness club while Ilana works at Deals, Deals, Deals. They are trying to come up with enough money to go to a secret Lil Wayne concert. The two dream up several schemes to get some cash.

Episode 2: Pussy Weed: Abbi finds out that she has been smoking tainted weed so she decides to buy her own for once. Ilana decides to be a grown-up too and do her own taxes. Neither attempt turns out well.

Episode 3: Working Girls: Abbi plays hooky from work to stay home so she can sign for a package for her hot next door neighbour, Jeremy (Stephen Schneider). Ilana takes a temp job at a temp agency.

Episode 4: The Lockout: Abbi’s place is getting fumigated so she’s spending the weekend at Ilana’s. Things don’t go well as Ilana loses her keys, they are locked out, get maced by the neighbours and Abbi has to go to her gallery debut in a messy state.

Episode 5: Fattest Asses: Both Abbi and Ilana are having tough days at work. They go shopping and then to a rooftop party in Soho to feel better.

Episode 6: Stolen Phone: Abbi and Ilana begin asking guys out. A lot of guys. In a bar a guy calls Abbi hot, takes her number and then she loses her phone. A trip to the Upper East Side and then throughout New York City to find it ensues.

Episode 7: Hurricane Wanda: Hurricane Wanda is hitting New York City and everyone is hunkering down at Abbi’s. They start playing drinking games, eating potato salad and Abbi has to poop. That is when Jeremy decides to come over.

Episode 8: Destination Wedding: Abbi, Ilana, Lincoln (played by Hannibal Buress) and a couple of catering friends have a wedding to go to. Abbi gets dumped on the way there, they miss their train, they have to rent a truck in an attempt to drive there, proceed to get a flat tire on the way, have to hop on Citi Bikes, Ilana is angry when she finds out Abbi made out with a girl, they end up having to take a bus, on the bus fish get spilled on Abbi and Morgan (played by Morgan Grace Jarrett) and they all end up missing Darcy’s (played by Franchesca Ramsey) wedding.

Episode 9: Apartment Hunters: Abbi gets paid $8,000 for an illustration she did. Bevers (played by John Gemberling) has finally gone too far and Abbi decides to find her own place now that she has a little money. She begins apartment hunting with the weirdest real estate agent (played by Amy Sedaris). Ilana has to get her cable remote from her ex-roommate Dale (played by Tim Martin).

Episode 10: The Last Supper: Abbi and Ilana go to a very expensive restaurant for Abbi’s birthday as her dad is paying. Abbi is upset when she pees out a condom. Ilana forgets to mention she’s allergic to shellfish and begins breaking out and swelling.

Special Features: Galleries: Behind the Scenes, Mike Perry Animations, Lincoln Alts, Uncut Pussy Weed Cold Open, Killian Casey Alts, Chicken Kicks, Uncut Working Girls Cold Open, Rachel Dratch Outtakes, Garol Outtakes, Janeane Garofalo Alts, Abbi Sells her Drawing for $17.50, Amy Sedaris Alts, Amy Poehler and Seth Morris, Improv Show Extras, Janelle Caricature Scene, Talent Show, Bed Montage, Uncut Apartment Hunters Cold Open, Dale Off the Phone, Amy Sedaris Car Outtakes, Abbi Carrying Ilana

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