monster high freak fusionSaying that this is better than the other Monster High films doesn’t say much to people not familiar with Monster High. While older folks might not be up to date with Monster High you can be sure that your wee ones, especially if they are girls, know all about it.

Frankie Stein does not do well on her latest assignment at Monster High. Her report on her family tree is rather thin due to the fact that her family has not filled her in in regards to her scaritage. When she is told to redo her report Frankie Stein’s friends pitch in to help her find out more about her family.

To do so they travel back in time to the first day ever of Monster High. Once there they meet Sparky, a team that is great at creating life. When Sparky follows the friends through a time portal to modern day Monster High it results in eight fusing into four hybrid monsters.

Now all four or eight will have to work together in order to gain control over their new and weird bodies as they participate in the important Bitecentennial play. Also on their plate is stopping one of Sparky’s experiments from upsetting the apple cart of harmony at Monster High.

Though it is about monsters young people will relate to all the ghouls as they are going through all the things teens do. The monsters come up against issues like fitting in, not wanting to stand out in a bad way, first crushes, first dances and just surviving high school.

It is also a positive model for young girls in that it empowers them as it encourages them to flaunt their individuality, not worry too much about their deemed flaws and teaches them how important female friendship is.

Special Features: Digital Copy, Animated Shorts: Inner Monster 1.0, Inner Monster 2.0, Boys Fright Out, Previews of Monster High: Clawsome Double Feature, Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action, Monster High: 13 Wishes, Monster High: Ghouls Rule, Monster High: Double Feature