Gunsmoke: The Eleventh Season – Volume 1

gunsmoke the eleventh seasonMarshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness) is an employee of the United States working in the rough and tumble frontier city of Dodge City. This is the Old West. He finds his time taken up by train robbers, claim jumpers, bounty hunters, and just general disorder. Despite all this he is the long arm of the law in these parts and does his best to dole out justice.

Episode 1: Seven Hours to Dawn: Dodge City is taken over by a gang of outlaws. Matt is shot and believed to be dead. Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) is in mourning. Doc (played by Milburn Stone) has a plan to capture the killers.

Episode 2: The Storm: A man is accused of killing his partner, found guilty and sentenced to hang. Matt, by chance, finds out that the sons of a good friend of his are actually the guilty parties he has to make sure justice is done.

Episode 3: Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood: A deputy from Oklahoma has pursued four vandals all the way to Dodge City. Matt has to inform him that the warrant does not extend to Dodge City.

Episode 4: Ten Little Indians: A bounty has been placed on Matt’s head. This brings gunmen from far and wide to Dodge City to try and collect the reward.

Episode 5: Taps for Old Jeb: Two prospectors strike gold and hire a bodyguard to protect it. Soon after one of them is attacked and the gold goes missing.

Episode 6: Kioga: A Palonee indian comes to Dodge City looking for revenge. He want to avenge the murder of his father.

Episode 7: The Bounty Hunter: Rancher Chris Thornton (played by Bert Freed) discovers that his newly hired hand is a retired bounty hunter. He attempts to talk the man out of retirement for one more job involving the man who killed Thornton’s son.

Episode 8: The Reward: Jim Forbes (played by James Whitmore) previously had conned the citizens of Dodge City out of their money and is now being released from prison. He is back hoping there is actually gold in the mine.

Episode 9: Malachi: Matt is out of town and so a drifter uses his absence to pass himself off as the Marshal of Dodge City. He does this in order to impress his brother with money.

Episode 10: The Pretender: Two brothers who are cattle rustlers are released from prison. The younger brother is no sooner out when he sets about breaking laws again.

Episode 11: South Wing: Doc helps a 12-year-old boy. The boy is looking to avenge the murder of his father.

Episode 12: The Hostage: Matt is kidnapped by four con men who are on the run. They want to use the Marshal in order to get over the Mexican border.

Episode 13: Outlaw’s Woman: A woman with a gunshot wound arrives at Doc’s office. Matt thinks she is part of a gang of outlaws who have just robbed a train.

Episode 14: The Avengers: A trail rider attacks Miss Kitty and Festus (played by Ken Curtis) ends up killing him. Soon after the rider’s father, a retired judge, arrives in Dodge City looking for justice.

Episode 15: Gold Mine: Miss Kitty inherits a gold mine. When she travels to a nearby city in order to solidify things she comes up against claim jumpers looking to get their hands on her property.

Episode 16: Death Watch: Two bounty hunters are mad at Matt after he does not allow them to transport a Mexican prisoner across the border. This is due to the fact that the man is injured after being shot.

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