Covert Affairs: Season Four

covert affairs season fourAnnie Walker (played by Piper Perabo) is a CIA operative working in the Domestic Protection Division. In other words, she is a spy. Over and over she proves herself shrewd and strong enough to do the job. Over the course of the first three seasons the series got better and better. Season four started off slow and then picked up towards the middle. Then it has you on the edge of your seat with all the reveals, backstabbing, mysteries, plots, combats, double crossings and just general spy stuff. This season there is one main bad guy but there are several helpers who get revealed along the way along with people you thing are bad and turn out to be on the side of good.


Episode 1: Vamos: Annie is trying to work out how to balance the two relationships she has with one person – professional and personal. She is also trying to figure out Henry Wilcox (played by Gregory Itzin) and how to get more evidence on him.


Episode 2: Dig for Fire: The CIA is rocked by a revelation. Annie and Auggie (played by Christopher Gorham) continue working with Arthur (played by Peter Gallagher).


Episode 3: Into the White: Annie travels back to Colombia to figure out who Teo Braga’s (played by Manolo Cardona) connections are. Joan (played by Kari Matchett) tries to prevent an act of terrorism.


Episode 4: Rock A My Soul: The romance between Annie and Auggie grows. Though they both realize the strain it is putting on their professional relationship.


Episode 5: Here Comes Your Man: Annie is sent by the new boss on an undercover assignment to Vienna. The op means she has to have no communication with Auggie.


Episode 6: Space (I Believe In): Annie infiltrates an FBI investigation in an attempt to keep her hand in the death of an agent secret. Henry offers Annie a job.


Episode 7: Crackity Jones: Annie teams up with a veteran operative in an attempt to put a stop to the sale of illegal weapons. Calder (played by Hill Harper) becomes more and more suspicious of Annie.


Episode 8: I’ve Been Waiting for You: Annie talks Teo into turning one of his own men in. Auggie finds himself in deep trouble.


Episode 9: Hang Wire: Annie travels to Copenhagen with the hope of stopping Teo from doing something awful. Auggie discovers which side Calder is on.


Episode 10: Levitate Me: Annie moves on to Frankfurt with someone dangerous in pursuit of her. Calder and Annie finally come face to face.


Episode 11: Dead: Annie begins her first deep cover operation and is totally on her own. Annie, Joan, Arthur and the rest of the CIA deal with Annie’s “death”.


Episode 12: Something Against You: After some hesitation, Auggie finally decides to work with Calder. Joan confronts Auggie about his new ally.


Episode 13: No. 13 Baby: Henry reaches out to Calder. A former lover reveals to Auggie she still has feelings for him.


Episode 14: River Euphrates: Henry’s operation and plan seem to be in jeopardy. Annie travels to New York City in order to chase down a lead.


Episode 15: There Goes My Gun: Annie, Auggie and Calder leaves for Hong Kong to carry out an unsanctioned mission. They are chasing down Henry’s courier.


Episode 16: Trompe Le Monde: Calder returns to the United States with a Chinese spy in tow. Annie and Auggie continue working on bringing Henry to justice.


Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Previews of The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, House, Grimm, Parenthood, Royal Pains, Gag Reel, Action Reel, Sights Unseen: Auggie Undercover – A Covert Affairs Prequel

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