Belle and Sebastian – Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance

belle and sebastian want to danceScottish music veterans, Belle and Sebastian, are mixing things up on their latest album by doing their best Pet Shop Boys impersonation on many of the tracks. While the five lads and one lass have always been a pop act they have transformed into a dance and even sometimes EDM outfit on Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance. Though this is their ninth album you get a good sense that this is a band that is still interested in exploring music and changing up how they do things. What rises them above your average dance band is the lyrics. Filled with political references, dark humour, literary references (“Enter Sylvia Plath”) and mentions of world events, the twelve songs found here contain lyrics that are poetic at times and almost always insightful. Better than average, in other words. The last couple of songs on the album, “Play for Today”, “The Book of You” and “Today (This Army’s For Peace)”, are the strongest as the really command your attention. Though each song has a little different sound to it they all flow together well. Definitely is one you should listen to with headphones as there are a bunch of little touches that can only be appreciated this way.

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