Sniper: Legacy

sniper legacyDespite the fact that this is billed as an action flick filled with shooting and army stuff you might find yourself struggling to stay awake while watching it. Never a good thing for an action film to lull you off to sleep. Other than the last fifteen minutes or so of the film the rest is rather dull.


A rogue sniper is picking off high ranking military officers one by one. Gunnery Sgt. Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins – Lake Placid 2, Company of Heroes) is told that his father and famous army sniper Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger – Inception, Platoon) has been killed by this mysterious crazed killer.


The army has formed a team of men to track down the rogue sniper and bring him to justice before others die.  Despite the fact that he has been told not to get involved as he is too close, Brandon sets off on his own after the killer.  This leads to his presumed dead father having to come out of hiding to save Brandon from being killed himself.  Brandon puts two and two together and realizes that his superiors have pushing the right buttons using him to bring the sniper out into the open.  Father and son now team up to catch the killer.


Some franchises can go on and on and yet still thrive.  The Bourne, Batman, Spider-Man, and even Star Wars films all still pull fans in no matter who is in them.  Tom Berenger is the face of this franchise and it has gone on for a while, but the death tolls are definitely sounding if this one is an indication of the remaining quality.


By the title alone, “Sniper”, you go into this film expecting action and a story that will keep you involved.  Neither pans out.  It all just seems to drag on an on.  Too much talking (and terrible dialogue at that) and too little doing or action.  Usually it is nice to have a little father/son dynamic going on in a movie, but in this instance it did not really work.  The dialogue and scenes together were a little too hokey.


Special Features:

-Previews of Roger Corman’s Operation Rogue, The Calling, When the Game Stands Tall, Predestination, The Raid 2, Deliver Us From Evil

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