fifty shades of greyI never thought I would say this but the best part of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s (Nowhere Boy) is the sex. That is because the rest of it – meaning the plot – is as bad as anything you would find in the porn world. In all honesty though no one has come to see this film for the story. Though if you are coming to see this expecting some really rough sex you too will be disappointed as most of the stuff is quite tame and the rougher stuff happens off screen. It is a rather tame depiction of BDSM.


Model turned actor Jamie Dornan has proven his talent in the BBC series The Fall, in which he plays a serial killer with women issues. Fifty Shades of Grey is a step back for him actingwise. I am not ready to say whether it was his fault or the lack of meat in the character. It is a rather shallow character so I am leaning that way. All the role really asks of him is to look hot and he does a better job of that playing a serial killer.


As a feminist (stop rolling your eyes now!) I’m totally thankful that they removed a lot of the more annoying characteristics of the Ana character that appear in the E.L. James’ penned novel. Plus she does not say half of the ridiculous things that come out her mouth in the book. Wisely screenwriter Kelly Marcel (wrote screenplay for Saving Mr. Banks) has eliminated most of the clunkiest of James’ dialogue. Dakota Johnson even inserts a couple of moments of strength in the character. Enough to make you long for a film in which this was a contest between equals. That would make it all that much more hotter, no? If I had to vote for an MVP from the film it would be Dakota Johnson. She was better than I expected, looked great and tries her best to make this rubbish watchable.


As a favour to her sick roommate Kate (played by Eloise Mumford) literature student Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) agrees to go and interview wealthy businessman Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan). While interviewing him Anastasia discovers that the man is handsome and brilliant but also intimidating.


Though she is a little frightened of him the less experienced and a little naïve Ana finds herself drawn to Christian.  This despite the fact that he is not very forthcoming or encouraging during the interview. She is drawn like a moth to a flame. Christian is also attracted to the beautiful and vulnerable young woman. Of course, because of the type of man he is this relationship is going to unfold on Christian’s terms. He is a man who needs to be in control of every aspect of his life including his sex live. A contract is negotiated and a dominant-submissive relationship begins.


Bottom line is that watching this is pretty much a soul stealing proposition. If you are looking for a film with hot sex scenes I recommend you check out Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac or even the recent French film, Blue is the Warmest Color. The film is better than the book but that is not saying much is it. Prepare yourself for more of this schlock because the other two books in the series are going to be made into films as well…sigh.