perry mason movie collection double feature 11It is back to the courtroom for Perry Mason (played by Raymond Burr) and his team of Della Street (played by Barbara Hale) and Ken Malansky (played by William R. Moses). Even though they are one of the top defense teams in the United States they have their hands full with these two cases. They have to defend their clients who are all the prime suspects in murders involving the death of a struggling artist and a television talk show host. Though these made for television movies all aired in the nineties they stand up well in the fact that they will keep you guessing until the end.

The Case of the Fatal Framing:

Needing some cash a painter fakes his own death with the aim of raising the price his work sells for. After his death some forgeries of his work start surfacing and this brings him out of hiding to out the counterfeiter. Then he is killed for real this time. Perry Mason and Ken Malansky take on the defense of the accused as they are a friend of Ken’s from school.


The Case of the Reckless Romeo:

After writing a tell-all book about his past love affairs a television talk show host (played by Geraldo Rivera) is murdered. The list of people who had a reason to want him dead is long and includes plenty of celebrities. It is Perry Mason to the defense of actress Roxanne Shields (played by Amy Steel), who had uttered a death threat against him during a televised interview, after she is arrested for the murder.