Pixies – Doolittle 25

pixies doolittle 25In the year 1989 the music world received a gift in the form of the Pixies album Doolittle. Their second album was critically acclaimed and sold a million copies in the United States alone. It became their seminal album for good reason. Lush and folksy tracks on the same album as crunchy almost metal sounding songs. What is consistent is that every song will lull you into a happy state of musical bliss. You can see how the Pixies and this album influenced bands like Nirvana that came to be in the nineties. The topics covered in the songs are huge and involve such issues as good vs. evil, death, God, the Bible and even an early touching upon climate control and the ozone layer. To add another layer of excellence to the Doolittle experience for the 25th anniversary of the album they have added some B sides, twenty-two demos as well as a couple of Peel Session performances. You get to hear how wonderful songs like “There Goes My Gun”, “Debaser” and “Gauge” came to be. As most of the demos have never been released before now even hardcore fans will find some new material here to discover. Fantastic fifty track/3 CD example of indie rock.

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