thomas and friends signals crossedOn the Island of Sodor there lives and works a group of train engines led by Thomas. Thomas and his friends’ days are filled with fun and adventure. Of the type that little boys (and girls) have loved for decades now.


Episode 1: Signals Crossed: Toby the number seven engine is worried about Knapford Junction. Once there he gets his signals crossed. Thomas tries to ease his mind.


Episode 2: Marion and the Pipe: Marion the steam shovel loves digging holes. Even more she loves telling the other engines her stories, but they don’t always want to stop and listen. Thomas discovers the stories she tells are exaggerations.


Episode 3: Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger: Duncan the narrow gauge engine pulls passengers. One of his passengers complains that Duncan is not doing his job. He does his best to make sure there is nothing to complain about even if it negatively affects others.


Episode 4: No Steam Without Coal: Bill and Ben deliver coal. The competition between the two gets out of hand. Timothy helps Bill and Ben with some coal trouble.


Episode 5: Thomas and the Emergency Cable: Thomas loves his job pulling passenger cars Anna and Clarabelle. They all wonder about the mysterious male passenger with the binoculars. Thomas finds out he is a bird watcher and is trying to find a very rare bird.


Special Features: Roll Call Song Sing-Along Music Video, Searching Everywhere Sing-Along Music Video, Guess Who? Puzzles, Trailers for Thomas and Friends: Tale of the Brave – The Movie, Thomas and Friends: Dinos & Discoveries, Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle, Beethovan’s Treasure Tail, Team Hotwheels: The Origin of Awesome, The Little Big Club Family Vacations, Day Out With Thomas