Papa Roach – F.E.A.R.

papa roach fearIf you are feeling nostalgic for the turn of the century then the music on the latest Papa Roach album will bring you back to that time musically. We are fifteen years later and yet it seems like musically that this band has not changed in the least. The nu-metal band is going back to its roots with F.E.A.R. Each song is new but has that familiar feeling to it. You get what you expect from them with woe-is-me lyrics, heavy guitars and the familiar voice of lead singer Jacoby Shaddix. Even bring back the rap rock genre in case you were missing it. Album opens up strong with the title track and songs “Love Me Till It Hurts”, “Falling Apart” and “Devil”. What I have never been able to stomach from this band are the lyrics. They spend a lot of their time whining about life and generally throw themselves pity parties. Am I supposed to feel like life is tough for a group of guys who get to make music, play live shows, travel the world and have a load of fans? If you can get past this then maybe you’ll enjoy partying like it is 2000.

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