The Legend of Korra: Book Three – Change – Blu-ray Edition

the legend of korra book three changeThe story continues as humans move into a new age in which spirits and humans coexist. Change is Book Three and brings about the discovery of two new Airbenders. Korra (voiced by Janet Varney) puts it upon herself to find these two new Airbenders and travels around looking for them. She wants to rebuild the Air Nation. Characters become a lot more fleshed out and complex in Book Three making the animated series a much more inviting watch. Spiritual and emotional issues are touched upon.


Episode 1: A Breath of Fresh Air: The bending world, as discovered by Korra, has undergone a big shift because of Harmonic Convergence. Vines that have taken over the city don’t seem to be easily rid of plus spirits seem to be living within them.


Episode 2: Rebirth: Korra and the Avatar Team begin a voyage to restart the Air Nation. They start with the Earth Kingdom in their search for new Airbenders.


Episode 3: The Earth Queen: The search for Airbenders continues on to Ba Sing Se. A crash course is needed in how to please the uptight and demanding Earth Queen.


Episode 4: In Harm’s Way: It comes to light that the Earth Queen is forcing all the Airbenders in Ba Sing Se to join her army. Korra tries to come up with a way to free them.


Episode 5: The Metal Clan: Korra and the Avatar Team travel to the metal city of Zaofu. The Air Temple Training Camp welcomes a new member.


Episode 6: Old Wounds: Korra begins to practice metal bending. Beifong (voiced by Anne Heche) has to face up to her past.


Episode 7: Original Airbenders: Tenzin (voiced by JK Simmons) begins the training of the new Airbenders. Bumi (voiced by Richard Riehle) demonstrates a poor attitude.


Episode 8: The Terror Within: An attempted abduction of Korra is led by Zaheer (voiced by Henry Rollins) and his group. Korra’s friends believe that someone on the inside is helping the enemy.


Episode 9: The Stakeout: The Avatar Team is being pursued by both the Earth Queen and Zaheer’s gang. Korra finds out the truth about who is trying to destroy her.


Episode 10: Long Live the Queen: Asami (voiced by Seychelle Gabriel) and Korra find themselves stranded in the desert. In Ba Sing Se the Earth Queen makes a deal to get Mako (voiced by David Faustino) and Bolin (voiced by P.J. Byrne) back.


Episode 11: The Ultimatum: Mako and Bolin bring back a threatening message from Zaheer to Korra. It is that the Red Lotus will attack the Northern Air Temple unless Korra turns herself over.


Episode 12: Enter the Void: Korra makes a huge sacrifice. Team Avatar comes up with a plan to save the Airbenders.


Episode 13: Venom of the Red Lotus: Zaheer begins his dastardly plan. Korra is captured by the Red Lotus and poisoned.


Special Features: 9 “The Spirit of an Episode” Featurettes

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