Bob Marley & the Wailers: Easy Skanking in Boston ’78 – Blu-ray/CD Combo Edition

bob marley easy skanking in bostonIt would have been the seventieth birthday of the godfather of reggae, Bob Marley, in 2015. To commemorate the man and his contribution to music several releases are being made. Easy Skanking in Boston is one of them. This comes from a collection of rare recordings that his family owns. To be enjoyed by fans worldwide.


The recordings come from two shows he played on June 8, 1978 at Boston’s Music Hall. It is amazing and different from almost anything else you will see as it was shot by a fan using a handheld camera. Intimate, au bout! There is some short gaps due to the fan having to load more film into the camera but it is no big deal. The directors, a team called S77, fill in the gaps with some cool animated stuff.


The complete list of the performers on BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS – EASY SKANKING IN BOSTON ‘78 :

Bob Marley—vocals, guitar
Carlton Barrett—drums
Aston Barrett—bass
Marcia Griffiths—backup vocals
Rita Marley—backup vocals
Judy Mowatt—backup vocals
Tyrone Downie—keyboards
Alvin Patterson—percussion
Julian Marvin—lead guitar



Disc: 1: 1. Slave Driver 2. Burnin’ and Lootin 3. Them Belly Full 4. The Heathen 5. Rebel Music 6. I Shot the Sheriff 7. Easy Skanking 8. No Woman, No Cry 9. Lively Up Yourself 10. Jammin’ 11. War/No More Trouble 12. Get Up Stand Up 13. Exodus

Disc: 2: 1. Rebel Music (Video) 2. I Shot the Sheriff (Video) 3. No Woman, No Cry (Video) 4. Lively Up Yourself (Video) 5. Jamming (Video) 6. War/No More Trouble (Video) 7. Exodus (Video)

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