Diana Krall – Wallflower

diana krall wallflowerThroughout her career Diana Krall has remained inaccessible to a section of music fans due to her selection of jazz standards and focus on musicianship rather than making popular choices. For me that is to be applauded but for those of you who have not appreciated Canada’s best jazz pianist and vocalist so far this is the album that might change your mind. She has made a recording of her favourite pop songs. The selection of artists whose music she has chosen to cover includes The Beach Boys, Elton John, 10 CC, The Eagles and Crowded House. You have to admit the lady brings a certain touch and style to everything she does. Though this might seem like a bit of an eclectic choice for her Krall definitely sounds like she is in her comfort zone. To help her along she brings even more top drawer Canadian talent when she performs a duet on “Feels Like Home” with Bryan Adams and with Michael Bublé on “Alone Again (Naturally)”. Her voice is especially smoky and brooding on the latter song. With her reinterpretation of the Eagles’ song “Desperado” she uses her voice so effectively that I found myself really listening to the lyrics for the first time ever. Stretching her artistic legs and finding out she still has something to explore and give.

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